Student Loan

Saving for College
February 25, 2015

Saving for College

It has become commonplace for Americans to hold a degree from a higher education institution which is great for the future of the national economy, but what does it spell out for personal finances? When you or a dependent have a solid financial plan before starting post-secondary education, there is a better chance of being […]

Thumbnail image for How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Kid in 2013?
October 16, 2013

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Kid in 2013?

Whether you are a parent or not, you’re probably well aware that raising a child isn’t cheap. The cost of diapers, clothes, healthcare, housing and countless other expenses add up – but have you ever tried to put a number on the annual cost of raising a child? The answer depends heavily on a family’s […]

Dorm Room
August 30, 2013

Frugal Furnishing Ideas For Your Child’s Dorm Room

College tuition alone is an astronomical expense for families, but when we add the growing cost of on-campus housing to the list, those budgets stretch even tighter. According to a 2012 study from the College Board, the average annual price for a year’s worth of room and board is $9,200 for a public university and […]

Student Debt Infographic
July 17, 2013

Infographic: The Lowdown On Student Debt & 10 Tips For Tackling Loans After Graduation

As the student loan debt clock creeps higher and higher, education debt hangs heavy on the minds of millions of Americans, both students and parents alike. To cap off our student loan debt series, we pooled data on the cost of college in the following infographic.

Middle Income Student Loans
July 10, 2013

Students from Middle Income Families Rack Up More Education Debt

Given the high cost of tuition, room and board, it’s not easy for families to pull together the funds to send their kids away to college, no matter how much money they make. But it would be easy to assume that this cost is toughest for low-income families, right? Not exactly. According to a study […]

College Fund
July 9, 2013

Planning for Your Child’s College Education

You’ve heard the statistics repeated many times: how college graduates earn much more money over their lifetime than adults without a college degree. But even more important than money are the opportunities that having a college education provides for graduates. Now as you start thinking ahead and consider the rising cost of a college education, […]

College Dropout Debt
June 3, 2013

Student Loan Delinquency Skyrockets Among Dropouts

There are countless programs in place to help high school students to make it to college, but what happens from there? Data shows that the college dropout rate is on the rise in America. Pathways to Prosperity, a 2011 report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, points out that just 56% of college students […]

Middle Age Student Debt
May 31, 2013

Student Loan Delinquency Highest Among 40 Year-Olds

We typically think of student loan debt as an issue that plagues 20- and 30-year-olds. But a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reveals that it is actually 40-somethings that have the highest student loan delinquency rate of any age group. According to the report, one third of the U.S.’s $900 billion […]

Student Debt Management
May 29, 2013

Three Online Tools for Managing Student Loan Repayment

From Perkins to PLUS and private lenders, student loan repayment can be a tricky landscape to navigate. And with more than 37 million student loan borrowers in the U.S. today, many are often left wondering how much they owe, who they owe it to, and when those payments are due. While the student loan repayment […]

Debt in America
May 27, 2013

American Debt Transitioning from Home and Auto to Education

While the number of young Americans with student loans is higher than it has ever been, the count of those with home and auto loans is on the steady decline. A recent study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicates that young student loan borrowers are retreating from both the housing and auto […]