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How to File Taxes

Tax day this year is April 18, 2017 — are you ready? Preparing for tax day is not something you should push off until the last second. Gathering all the necessary paperwork and deciding if you’ll hire an accountant to do your taxes or tackle them yourself takes time!

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Daily Savings Tips: February

Another month of great savings has arrived! February may be the shortest month of the year, but we’re not short on budgeting tips. Spend the last few weeks of winter improving your financial health and adding onto the savings you already stacked up with our January tips. Spring into action and start saving more now!

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Revamp Overdraft vs Clean Overdraft What’s the Difference

Overdraft vs Clean Overdraft: What's the Difference?

Most of us have become familiar with the term “overdraft” via the overdraft protection that most financial institutions offer. Through this protection, individuals can withdraw money from accounts, despite having insufficient funds, without experiencing a “bounced payment.” Although individuals may overdraft for a variety of reasons (intentional or not) they may experience […]

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