Personal Finance News Round-Up for Friday, December 18, 2012


Personal Finance News

Here’s a review of top personal finance stories, columns and studies from publications, websites and blogs across the country.

Areas of your budget that might be costing you unnecessarily

Like a slow plumbing leak in your home that is not readily apparent but can do a lot of damage in the long run, shoring up money leaks in your monthly budget can amount to a lot of savings. Money Magazine offers 12 immediate ways consumers can plug leaks in their budget with regular personal finance maintenance checks such, as car insurance rate comparison and reviewing energy saving opportunities.

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American debt continues to increase

Mobile apps are for more than just games and socializing. Managing personal finances is always crucial, but especially this time of year. But consumers can now can turn to their smart phone or tablet for assistance, thanks to some recent advances in mobile technology. Mobilewalla recently ranked the best apps for helping out with financial tasks such as budget tracking and paying off personal debts.

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10 financial facts that will surprise you

All eyes are on the “fiscal cliff” these days, but so far there is more uncertainty than useful guidance. However, MarketWatch has identified 6 tax issues which could be affecting you in the coming year. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take today in anticipation of changes in key investment and expenses areas, including personal medical expenses, deduction limits, and capital gains.

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Expiring tax breaks could be hardship on families

The ongoing negotiations about the “fiscal cliff” are more than just about raising tax rates. If the “fiscal cliff” comes to pass, several key tax breaks will revert to lower levels, placing a heavy burden of hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of dollars on parents with children. Family-friendly tax breaks like the Child Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and American Opportunity Tax Credit could all be casualties of the fiscal cliff.

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Be successful with your money resolution for 2013

Personal financial fitness is a popular new years resolution, right along weight loss and healthier diets. Keys to success for any of these goals are discipline, planning, and the stick-to-itiveness to endure inevitable setbacks. The same goes with financial resolutions. As you prepare to kick off the new year on the right foot, know that there will be rough spots along the way and learn from past mistakes to maximize your chances of success.

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Learn how to close your home sale

Rising home prices will likely encourage more sellers to put their homes on the market in 2013, but the market can be a difficult one to navigate, particularly once you have a prospective buyer. The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch offers 5 tips for making sure that sale doesn’t fall through, such as being proactive and getting to know the buyer.

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Best places to find a job in 2013

If you have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking employment in the coming year, a software development or accounting career will give you your best shot at landing a job, according to a study just released by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI). Human Resources and event planning are also on the list of occupations which have added the most jobs since 2010.

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Shopping destinations for best customer service

If you’re strapped with a lengthy shopping list, and limited time and patience to execute it, knowing the retailers to count on for good customer service – and the ones to watch out for – can be crucial. Kohl’s, Safeway, and Honda earn spots on Consumer Report’s Nice List for 2012, while Ticketmaster and Tiger Direct make the Naughty List.

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Briana Fabbri is head of marketing for NetCredit.