Transition Tips For Interns

With graduation right around the corner, it’s time for many young professionals to start thinking about “what’s next.” There’s no doubt that transitioning from intern on your summer vacation to holding your first professional job can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s discuss some tips to keep in mind as your gearing up for your first job.


Utilize the Resources at the Career Service Center on Your Campus

Often times university campuses have some type of professional development or career center readily available for all students. Take advantage of these free resources before you graduate. They will help you write or proof-read your cover letter and resume, conduct mock interviews or assist you during the job search process. For more interview assistance, get familiar with these interview tips.


Build a Professional Wardrobe

Whether it’s for your interview or your first week on the job, start to include versatile pieces in your wardrobe. For the women, add a few blouses that can be worn by itself or under a nice sweater, like this one here. Those are versatile pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the company dress code. As for the men, be sure to have a wide selection of dress shirts available for any type of office dress code. If you’re unsure of what the standard attire is for your interview or your first few weeks on the job, search for the companies social media channels for any insights. You’ll be able to gauge what type of attire to appropriate or not.


Stay up to Date With News in Your Industry

Not only will this will help you during the interview process, but it will be useful once you land your job. It’s common to be asked in an interview: “What sources do you use to stay current in the industry?” Have a few websites bookmarked on your computer or subscribe to their daily newsletters. Get into the habit of checking those websites every morning. Any useful or interesting information can be extremely beneficial during your interview and can be carried over to when you begin your new job.


Continue to Perfect Your Resume

Once you’ve been hired, don’t push your resume aside. You never know when opportunities will open up internally, so be sure to document your personal successes within your company. Whether you use an online resume builder or have a running document on your computer it’s a smart idea to continue to check back in and update your information.


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