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NetCredit online debt consolidation loans

Paying off debt can be difficult when your credit balances start piling up. To make repayment more manageable, NetCredit online personal loans can help you combine all your existing debt — and take control of your finances.

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If approved for a personal loan, you can repay early at any time with no penalty. Plus, you can customize your loan term in a way that works best for your financial situation.

Simplify your payments.

A NetCredit loan can allow you to consolidate your debts into single, predictable payments with a fixed rate, making it easier to budget and repay.

Build credit history.

Your payment history is reported to major credit bureaus. That means you can build credit history by making on-time payments and lowering your loan balance.

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What We Offer

NetCredit and lending partner banks offer personal loans up to $10,000 and lines of credit up to $4,500.

Depending on your application and the state where you live, you might qualify for one or both of our lending products. Head to the Rates & Terms for more details and to learn what is offered in your state.

See how a NetCredit personal loan can help consolidate debt.

  • Sean just found a new job, but his credit card balances have piled up during his time spent unemployed.
  • He learns that he can apply for a NetCredit loan to help him consolidate all of his debts into a single, predictable monthly payment with a fixed rate.
  • Sean appreciates that he is able to customize his personal loan amount and repayment schedule to meet his financial needs, making it more manageable to repay.
  • He checks his eligibility, is approved and signs his loan contract. With NetCredit fast funding, Sean can receive funds to cover all of his outstanding debts the next business day or sooner!
  • Since there’s no early repayment fee, he is able to pay off his loan faster. His payment activity is reported to credit bureaus, helping Sean build credit history.

A debt consolidation loan allows you to combine all of your credit balances into a single, consolidated debt, which can make budgeting and paying bills more simple.

Debt consolidation loans can take the form of a personal loan or a line of credit (including credit cards). The loan can be either unsecured, where your signature is the only guarantee of repayment, or secured, where you offer collateral as a guarantee of repayment.

A debt consolidation loan involves taking out a new loan to cover all of your outstanding balances from credit cards, lines of credit, personal loans and more. You’ll still need to repay your new creditor, but you’ll have a single, more predictable monthly payment, which can reduce the stress of keeping track of your finances.

You can typically get debt consolidation loans from banks, credit unions, online lenders and peer-to-peer networks. Most lenders will look at your creditworthiness to determine the actual products, rates and terms that they can offer you.

There are three primary reasons people choose to consolidate debt:

  1. Simplify your finances.
    Dealing with a single loan means you only have to keep track of a single bill, a single interest rate, and a single set of rates and terms.

  2. Reduce your monthly payments.
    If the monthly payments for all your current debts are more than you can afford, consolidating your debt into a single loan with one lower payment can make your debt manageable.

  3. Save money on interest.
    When a debt consolidation loan offers a lower interest rate than some or all of your current debts, it has the potential to reduce your total cost of interest. However, you’ll need to consider the duration of the loan, in addition to the interest rate, to determine whether your total amount repayable will be more or less.

Taking out a debt consolidation loan may help you build credit in a few different ways. For instance, if your lender reports your payment activity to major credit bureaus, you may be able to build credit history by making on-time payments. In addition, as you pay your balance down, you can decrease your credit utilization ratio — in other words, the amount you owe — which may also help you build credit.

There are many different ways to consolidate your total outstanding debts. Here are just a few examples:

  • A credit card balance transfer can allow you to carry over all of your existing credit card debt to a new card that has an introductory period featuring a low or zero percent APR. This method is typically only available to those with higher credit scores. Paying off your balance during the introductory period can help you maximize the amount you save on interest and help you reduce your debt faster.

  • If a credit card balance transfer isn’t an option, you can reach out to your personal network for an informal loan. Depending on the situation, you may want to outline specific repayment terms or write a promissory note.

  • Third-party debt consolidation agencies can also help you reduce your debt by negotiating with creditors on your behalf. They will usually attempt to settle for a lower APR or monthly payment. However, this option is not available to all borrowers.

Compared to other debt consolidation options, a NetCredit personal loan can provide faster funding, clear costs and greater flexibility. NetCredit online loans are available up to $10,000, repayable in predictable installments over time. Your interest rate will remain constant for the life of the loan, so you know upfront exactly what it will cost.

You’ll be able to use the My RightFit ToolTM to tailor your installment loan to your own specific needs, and you may build your credit over time when you make timely repayments. If approved, you’ll typically receive funds the next business day or sooner. A NetCredit loan gives you the ability to use the funds for any purpose you choose, like making your expenses more manageable.

Yes! With a NetCredit line of credit, you can request a Cash Advance at any time from your Available Credit. You can use your funds to pay down other debts, helping you to simplify your finances and reduce the number of monthly payments.

Plus, you can repay your Account Balance early at no extra cost and build credit history by making on-time payments.

For a full list of terms and definitions, visit the Line of Credit glossary page.

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