Direct Loans up to $10,000

Check your eligibility without affecting your credit score.

Direct Loans up to $10,000

Check your eligibility without affecting your credit score.

Check Your Eligibility

This won’t affect your credit score!

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If you’re looking for a personal loan, you may have heard that it’s best to work with a direct lender. So what exactly is a direct lender, and what benefits do they offer?

A direct lender offers you a loan directly, whereas a loan broker, affiliate or lead provider simply matches you with a lender. Working with a direct lender can offer a number of benefits, whether for an installment loan or other loan type. First, you have the freedom to survey the entire field of lenders to find one that fits your particular needs. In other words, you can evaluate lenders based on the factors that are important to you, rather than choosing from a shortlist determined by a loan broker. Second, working with a direct lender may save you money. By cutting out the middleman, you get a rate that’s coming directly from the lender.

A final benefit of working with a direct lender is security and transparency. Unlike a loan broker or matching service, a direct lender won’t shop your information to various third parties. This limits your exposure to fraudulent and unscrupulous practices. Of course, it’s always important to do your due diligence vetting any organization — including direct lenders — before sharing your information with them.

Even though working with a direct lender has certain benefits, it isn’t necessarily a bad idea to use a loan broker. In some cases, loan brokers offer very good options and are upfront about how they handle your information. Even better are loan brokers that work with a single bank partner, because their rates are clear and you know exactly where your information is going.

Is NetCredit a Direct Lender?

NetCredit works directly with consumers to provide online loans. Check our rates & terms page to see if we lend in your state.

Check your eligibility online to see if you qualify for a loan (through NetCredit) in just a few minutes. Thanks to My ScoreSaver, checking your eligibility won’t affect your credit score, and you’ll see your eligibility decision immediately. If approved, you’ll receive your funds typically by the next business day.

Why We're Different

We Believe Everyone Deserves Access to Credit

Important decisions shouldn’t be based on just one number. That’s why your eligibility and customized personal loan offer will be determined by looking at thousands of variables from your unique financial picture—not just your credit score.

We Believe Our Customers Come First

Our success depends on delivering what you really want and exceeding your expectations. That’s why our friendly Customer Support team is based right here in Chicago to foster strong relationships, answer hard questions and solicit honest feedback.

We Believe It Should be Easy

Life is complicated enough. At NetCredit, we strive to keep things simple, convenient and transparent. From the quick online loan application to ClearCost for Me, we’re constantly working to make things a bit easier.

We Believe Good Lenders Offer More than Loans

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” That's why we provide a wealth of tools and tips about how to improve credit, pay off debt and retire comfortably. My CreditBuilder also helps build credit history as you repay your loan!

Check Your Eligibility

This won’t affect your credit score!