Enova and SpringFour Partner to Help Thousands of Customers During COVID-19

March 25, 2021

News & Media / Enova and SpringFour Partner to Help Thousands of Customers During COVID-19

Connecting Customers With Trusted Local Help: SpringFour and Enova

As COVID-19 presented challenges for customers during the spring of 2020, Enova International, Inc., the online financial services provider behind NetCredit, looked for additional ways to support them. Having already begun discussions with SpringFour, a certified B-Corporation that offers free online access to 20,000+ trusted local resources, Enova acted quickly to put a partnership in place.

“We are thrilled that Enova has chosen SpringFour as its trusted source for financial health resources for its brand and for its customers,” said Rochelle Gorey, Co-Founder and CEO, SpringFour. “Together, we can provide the financial opportunities that so many Americans need and deserve, especially during this challenging time.”

A Partnership for Customers Impacted by the Pandemic
In spring 2020, NetCredit introduced the helpful tool to its customers on its official website. Within the first three months of the partnership, Enova customers accessed over 50,000 SpringFour referrals. By year-end, they had received over 175,000 referrals. Of those referrals, 55% fell into one of three categories designed to help Americans find relief during the pandemic: COVID-19 Financial, COVID-19 Food and COVID-19 Health.

“Throughout COVID, the teams worked hard to expand our payment accommodation policies and provide our customers with valuable resources to help them manage financial uncertainty. SpringFour perfectly complemented these efforts, and, upon introduction, a partnership was an obvious next step,” said Kelly Jordan, Head of Global Consumer and SMB Marketing, Enova.

In addition to SpringFour, NetCredit also provides customers with additional financial resources for free — including online educational courses, exclusive content and much more.

Read more about the SpringFour and Enova partnership in the latest case study.

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