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You may be eligible to refinance your loan.

Refinance Your NetCredit Personal Loan

At NetCredit, we know that situations arise that may call for more flexible credit. If you’ve found yourself in one of those situations, refinancing can help make your financial situation less of a burden.

Borrow More Money

Your existing balance along with a new amount of funds can be refinanced into a brand-new loan with a new contract and repayment schedule.

It’s Easy to See If You’re Eligible

To see if you are eligible to refinance your current loan, sign in to your account and look for the "Borrow More Money" button. If it is not there, you are not currently eligible, but you may become eligible in the future.

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See How Borrowing More Money Works

  • Gerald has a balance of $1,000 left to pay on his loan. However, his situation has changed and now he needs more money.
  • He sees he may be eligible to borrow more money, and signs in to check his eligibility.
  • He’s approved, and has the option to select the amount he’d like to add to his loan.
  • He adds $800, chooses a repayment method and continues to sign the contract for his new loan amount of $1,800.
  • With NetCredit fast funding, Gerald receives his funds quickly.

FAQs About Refinancing

To see if you are eligible for a refinance from NetCredit, sign in to your account and look for the "Borrow More Money" button. If this is visible on the page, the chances are pretty good you’re eligible to apply. If it is not there, the chances are pretty good you are not eligible. It should be noted, however, that eligibility criteria can change over time, and you may become eligible to apply for a refinance in the future.

Refinancing your NetCredit loan is fast and easy. If eligible to borrow more money, select the amount of additional funds and click through to your contract. If approved, your money will be deposited into your bank account in a matter of days.

Please note that borrow more money approvals are subject to additional verification. Providing requested documentation in a timely manner may help prevent funding delays.

Your repayment schedule is based on your pay dates. If your job or pay frequency has changed since you first applied for a loan, the new loan will be based on those pay dates as long as they are already in our system. If you have not previously reported a change of pay frequency, please fax/email us a copy of your most recent pay stub that reflects this change prior to applying for a refinance. You can also choose to send us a copy of your bank statement showing your two most recent direct deposits on the new dates. Please allow two business days from the date of receipt for the change to take effect.

Checking your eligibility to "Borrow More Money" will not affect your credit score.

However, if you proceed to borrow more money and sign the contract, there will be a hard inquiry on your credit report. This may have an impact on your credit score for a period of time. Additionally, if your loan is successfully refinanced, your old loan will be closed and reported to the credit bureaus as refinanced, and the new loan will be reported as another trade line along with the entire payment history.

There are 13 states in which customers are eligible to refinance their NetCredit loan: Alabama, California, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin. Other states may be offered refinance features in the future.

Eligibility requirements may vary by state.

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