$30 and Under Car Accessories to Make Your Commute Smoother

A recent study suggests that fewer Americans used a vehicle to commute to work in 2018 when compared to data from 2007 — but the vast majority of U.S. workers still rely on this method as their primary means of transportation.1 While remote employment continues to grow in popularity, only 3.9 million Americans worked from home at least on occasion in 2018.2

Commuting to work every day can quickly add unnecessary stress to your routine, whether you’re sitting in traffic, traveling long distances or just rushing to show up on time. But there’s no reason to let your car ride get you down thanks to the slew of new car gadgets and comfort-providing accessories. Here are seven automotive accessories under $30 to help make your car ride to work much more enjoyable.

  1. If you drive a hatchback, SUV or truck, a pocketed car net organizer is an excellent place to store your vehicle’s roadside emergency kit while keeping your rear storage clutter-free.
  2. Listen to your favorite podcasts, music and audio files on your car stereo from your phone or other Bluetooth device with this versatile Bluetooth transmitter. You can even make or answer calls on the go to keep your hands on the wheel.
  3. Get this dual-sided seat organizer and cover to help keep your interior neat and orderly while protecting its upholstery. Multiple deep pockets and plentiful storage provide convenient access to your most-used items.
  4. When you’re carpooling, let everyone quickly charge their devices with this six-port rapid USB charger.
  5. Clean up minor spills in between trips to the drive-through with a compact 12V handheld car vacuum.
  6. Get this hanging car seat air freshener with activated bamboo charcoal to help absorb and reduce lingering odors.
  7. Keep your GPS navigation visible and hands-free with these air vent mounted magnetic cell phone holders.


Make sure to stay focused on the road and aware at all times when operating a vehicle. Avoid any gadgets that distract you from driving, and be sure to familiarize yourself with any hands-free accessories before you get on the road.



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