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How Much Does The Average American Spend on Holiday Shopping?
November 29, 2013

How Much Does The Average American Spend on Holiday Shopping?

  Even with Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, it is still very easy to spend more than you intended during the holiday season. In fact, getting a great deal on one gift item could encourage you to spend extra on another item. So, how much does the average American actually spend on holiday shopping? […]

How Do Car Loans Affect Your Credit?
November 15, 2013

How Do Car Loans Affect Your Credit?

Public transit has become a way of life for many young adults and city dwellers, but the convenience of having your own car is an advantage that many people can’t pass up. Of course, that convenience comes with a cost. As of August of this year, the average price of a new car was $31,252, […]

Build Credit
July 21, 2013

4 Tips to Help You Build Your Credit and Save

Did you know your NetCredit loan may help you build your credit history? That’s right; we are now reporting payment activity to major credit bureaus because we are committed to helping you achieve your long-term financial goals. Here’s what this new feature means for you and your credit. Let’s start with some credit basics Your […]

Student Debt Infographic
July 17, 2013

Infographic: The Lowdown On Student Debt & 10 Tips For Tackling Loans After Graduation

As the student loan debt clock creeps higher and higher, education debt hangs heavy on the minds of millions of Americans, both students and parents alike. To cap off our student loan debt series, we pooled data on the cost of college in the following infographic.

College Fund
July 9, 2013

Planning for Your Child’s College Education

You’ve heard the statistics repeated many times: how college graduates earn much more money over their lifetime than adults without a college degree. But even more important than money are the opportunities that having a college education provides for graduates. Now as you start thinking ahead and consider the rising cost of a college education, […]

Home Improvement Budgeting
July 1, 2013

Home Improvement Budgeting: Which Costs Should You Plan For?

The leap from renting to owning is one of those classic markers of adulthood, and with that leap come new responsibilities from mortgage loan payments to homeowners insurance. One cost that catches some new homeowners off guard, though, is maintenance. After all, in the renters’ world, these costs are typically covered by the monthly rent […]

Debt in America
May 27, 2013

American Debt Transitioning from Home and Auto to Education

While the number of young Americans with student loans is higher than it has ever been, the count of those with home and auto loans is on the steady decline. A recent study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicates that young student loan borrowers are retreating from both the housing and auto […]

Green Banking
March 20, 2013

Green Banking 101: Greening Your Bank Account

Eco-friendly and sustainable living has rapidly grown into a separate corporate sector. Many industries have launched campaigns to increase awareness about the world’s consumerist ways, including initiatives to increase profits while lessening the impact on the environment. These business initiatives follow a trend led by their clients and customers. Individuals throughout the country are increasingly […]

Identity Theft Protection
January 5, 2013

Identity Theft and Credit Protection Guide

One of the fastest growing crimes in our technology-filled world is the crime of identity theft and the resulting credit fraud that often results. Identity theft can take many different forms, and different types of personal information can become compromised. For example, many identity thieves typically look to illegally gather personally identifying information, such as […]

Loan Payment Tax Deductible
December 13, 2012

Are Your Loan Payments Tax Deductible?

Credit, used responsibly, is a good thing. It helps prime the economic pump by assisting consumers buy things now and pay off the loan over time. Certain types of credit have another major benefit—income tax deductibility. Which types of credit payments are tax-deductible and which are not? Up until 1986, many types of loan interest […]