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There are many types of loan companies in the marketplace, including banks, credit unions and online lenders, among others. If you’ve been comparing these various options, you may have found that online loan companies offer a number of advantages over brick-and-mortar alternatives.

One advantage is speed. Not only do online lenders frequently offer streamlined applications and quick eligibility decisions, but their delivery of funds is usually prompt as well — often by the next business day after approval. Ease of application is another area where online personal lenders have the upper hand. You may not need to scan or fax documents as part of their application process, which can spare you hassle as well as save you time.

What Types of Loan Companies Are There?

There are many types of loan companies out there. If you’re shopping for a personal loan, you may have a choice between finance companies, private lenders, peer-to-peer lenders, credit unions, banks and loan brokers.

Online personal loan companies are one type of finance company, which simply means that they are institutions that grant small loans to consumers without the necessity of a brick-and-mortar location.

Tribal Lenders

Tribal lenders are a unique type of lender that you may encounter while researching loans. The label “tribal lender” is commonly used to describe credit and lending institutions that are based in a federally recognized American Indian reservation or operated by an American Indian community.

Tribal lenders usually provide many of the same type of loans and financing products as traditional lenders. However, tribal lenders may be able to avoid some of the state law restrictions that are placed on many state-licensed lenders because tribal lenders are considered to be based on American Indian reservations — which are, in turn, protected as sovereign territories.

This has led tribal lenders to provide financial products or follow certain lending practices that may not be otherwise allowed in many states. However, because loan transactions that are made via tribal lenders are not protected through state consumer protection legislation, in the event of a dispute, it may be unclear as to which governing laws to follow, and consumer recourse may be limited.

NetCredit Online Loans

NetCredit has partnered with Republic Bank & Trust Company, member FDIC, to offer the best personal loan products possible. With our My RightFit Tool, you’ll be able to see your personalized loan options and make the selection that’s the best fit for you. And with My CreditBuilder, you can build positive credit history when you make your payments on time. Our ClearCost for Me™ promise leaves no surprises, meaning that all you’ll ever pay is the simple interest on your loan — never any hidden fees.

If you’re looking for loan companies online that put your needs first, consider NetCredit. To learn more about our loans, head to our How It Works page. Or if you’re ready, check your eligibility today for a loan up to $10,000!

Check Your Eligibility

This won’t affect your credit score!