Financial Relief Through Debt Consolidation: A NetCredit Success Story

Disclaimer: Customer was compensated for sharing their experience. Interview has been edited for clarity.

Raymond is a hardworking, long-time educator and assistant principal living in Atlanta. He’s always had a gift for working with young people and helping them reach their lifelong goals. Before he was an educator, Raymond worked as a camp counselor, which led to his desire to help adolescents and his career path in education.


Raymond Has Always Had an Interest in Personal Finance Education

“I [was] always kind of nerdy about money and personal finance. Now don’t get me wrong. I haven’t always followed all that. […] But it was still good to have this foundation [of knowledge].” 

Raymond learns from financial experts and reads personal finance magazines to supplement his own education. He soon realized that as much as you plan your own financial path, sometimes, unexpected events can take you in a new direction.


He Experienced a Major Life Event That Affected His Credit and Debt

“I went through a divorce. […] There was a lot of financial obligations to be met. A lot of financial things fell apart. […] You go through a tough time trying to recover financially where your credit is damaged.

There was a time [when] I had a phenomenal credit. […] But going through that trial and tribulation of the financial repercussions of a divorce, I didn’t look at [my credit] so much. At that time, my mindset was like, let me just make sure I can cover the [financial] responsibilities that I have.”  

Occasionally, financial well-being takes a back seat to other pressing priorities in life. Although it’s not the only way to measure one’s financial fitness, credit health is an important financial indicator that’s used in many different situations. That’s why it’s a good idea to build up your credit score if it happens to drop for whatever reason, including late or missed payments, increased credit ratio usage and other factors that impact your score.


Raymond Wanted a Better Way to Manage All of His Monthly Bills

“I had a number of debts and I think I came to this point. […] I would just love to […] consolidate all of this. […] You got a payment over here, and you got a payment over there, and a payment over here and those payments add up. […] [I] just want to get to the point, if you could just kind of put everything in one box or under one amount and just have one payment, that will be something [I want] to do.

So that’s where I was at. […] Looking at my whole financial picture and wanting to […] consolidate [my debt].”

Raymond was looking for a financial solution to help manage his monthly bills and improve his budget. With several bills due at different times throughout the month, Raymond discovered that debt consolidation could make a real difference in his overall financial situation.


Raymond Found NetCredit and Applied for a Debt Consolidation Loan

“I applied to NetCredit first and of course was approved, and that pretty much met the goal.

I was excited to take out the loan [be]cause I knew what I would use it for. I knew what the purpose was and I knew it was going to help me meet the financial goal I needed to meet.”

With a convenient online application process, you can apply for a loan and receive fast funding directly in your account, if approved.


He Appreciated the Ease, Convenience and Transparency of a NetCredit Loan

“NetCredit is a very straightforward company. If you have questions like I did about how to make extra principal payments, the website is, again, straightforward. I think it’s pretty easy to navigate. [I was able to repay the loan] faster than the time that I had taken [it] out for.

 You can see the payments that you made. You can see how it’s affecting the balance on your loan. You can look at interest, you can look at principal and, I don’t know if a lot of people even think that deep, but [to] somebody like myself, that’s interesting. That’s good to be able to look at. So, the experience is good.

 Back when I got my loan, [I] recommended it to two of my coworkers. […] I wouldn’t recommend something if I didn’t think it was something good. So, it was definitely a loan I’ve recommended to people.”

NetCredit customers can use the website or smartphone app to manage their accounts, view payment details and make payments. By making extra payments, Raymond was able to repay his debt consolidation loan faster since NetCredit doesn’t charge a penalty for early repayment.


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